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Microsoft Project


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Program and PMO: Top 5 of 2019
PMConnection Articles

Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2019. 

If you missed any previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!


Project Management    

1.       Building Great Teams

2.       What to Expect When You're a New Project Manager

3.       The End of Agile

4.       Benefits of Project Management Software - What Project Managers really use it for?

5.       Resource Leveling: How Can You Use it in Project Management?


Microsoft Teams             

1.       How to use Microsoft Teams - Video

2.       10 of the latest Microsoft Teams integrations to help you work smarter, not harder

3.       10 productivity-boosting apps for Microsoft Teams

4.       How To Use Power BI And Teams Together

5.       Admin training for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Planner          

1.       How to Use Planner with Microsoft Teams - video

2.       Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

3.       Export Planner Tasks to Excel in Two Clicks

4.       Automatically Create Planner Tasks from MS Project Schedule ~ Video

5.       Create Tasks in Microsoft Planner using Google Home - video


Project For The Web     

1.       Project for the web for product launchers - video

2.       Integrate Project for the Web with Microsoft Teams

3.       The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide

4.       Project For The Web vs Microsoft Project vs Planner vs Project Online

5.       Introducing the New Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project            

1.       How to Install Microsoft Project from your O365 Subscription

2.       Creating a program schedule - Video

3.       Share Reports Using the Microsoft Project Organizer - Video

4.       Creating a Ribbon Tab in MS Project

5.       View your project in a task board - agile



1.       PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Knowledge Areas for Project Management - Process Groups and Processes

2.       1000 FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions

3.       1036 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

4.       Process to Process Group Game

5a.     Scheduling Approaches Video

5b.     Understanding Earned Value Management - Video


Program Management and PMO             

1.       Managing agile and waterfall together

2.       What is Robotic Process Automation?

3.       Business Agility: How can Project Management Practice and the PMO Adapt to Uncertain Times

4.       Three Project Management Interview Questions You Need to Ask

5.       What is a PMO?



1.       Inspect & Adapt: The Retrospective and Problem Solving Workshop Overview Video

2.       Lean Enterprise Assessment Template

3.       What Business Owners Need to Know About Scaled Agile Frameworks

4.       Accelerating Business Value with SAFe and Technology Business Management - White Paper

5.       Why is SAFe Certification so Important? - Video


Project Online or Project Server               

1.       Microsoft has a plan to clean up its overlapping project-management services

2.       Modern Work Management with Project Online - video

3.       Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Online - Video

4.       What Is An Enterprise Project Type? - Project Online / Project Server Config - video

5.       Multiple Project Roadmap Articles


Portfolio Management

1.       Project Prioritization: The Ultimate Guide

2.       The future of (Microsoft) Project and Portfolio Management

3.       A FREE One Page Overview of Successful Project Portfolio Management

4.       Introduction To Portfolio Management: A PPM Maturity Model

5.       5 Steps to an Agile Business Plan


Innovation Management            

1.       Six Principles For Creating A Good Corporate Innovation Process

2.       4 Ways to Beat Innovation Management Anxiety

3.       Getting Started with Innovation Management

4.       A Perspective on the Art of Innovation


Intelligent Automation

1.       AI in Project Management

2.       Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management

3.       What is intelligent automation?

4.       Tips for Working with Your Data

5.       What is RPA - Robotic Process Automation


Great Websites

1.       PMaspire Singapore PTE Ltd.

2.       PMP Preparation Online Course

3.       OpenPM.org

4.       Ten Six Blog

5.       MS Project Podcast


You may find this helpful:

Microsoft Teams Step by Step

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Program and PMO: SAFe Scales to the C Suite
PMConnection Articles

San Diego, California. October 2, 2019. Global SAFe Summit

I sat anxious in the crowd of 2,100 people. The stage was empty and the lights were dimmed but I was in awe of the incredible investment in the video screens that spanned the entire front of the coliseum. They had to be 30 feet tall! The music system was cranked and I felt as if the concert was about to get started. It reminded me of that commercial from years ago; "Our rocskstars are not like your rockstars".


But I wasn't at this event for the hype of the "show". I was there to learn the latest incremental advances with respect to scaling agile. The intent is to share that information with the rest of my organization, so we can help our clients deliver value more quickly. I was also there and to share some of my learnings over the years with other attendees.


First up to speak was the CEO of Scaled Agile, Mr. Chris James. This guy is pretty cool. I don't recall a lot of what he said, but I captured some numbers. There were 570 companies represented at the event as well as 35 different countries. The company that I work for MI-GSO|PCUBED was one of 78 different partners who were in attendance. One additional stat to mention is that I am one of nearly 600 people around the world who hold the SPC [SAFe Program Consultant] certification.

The final statistic to mention is the fact that as of this article, ½ Million people have been trained on Scaled Agile Framework. That's a pretty impressive number!! Pictured below is Chris James, CEO of Scaled Agile.


The next speaker was Mr. Dean Leffingwell. He is the Co-founder of Scaled Agile and the Chief Methodologist.

I wasn't prepared for what came next; SAFe version 5.0. To give you a little background I have been working with SAFe, the Scaled Agile Framework since 2016. I have always found the framework valuable for helping align the various programs and teams that I work with towards a common goal. In that time, I have seen the framework get updated twice. But they were minor, incremental changes. Given my background in business management and portfolio management, I always felt that the Scaled Agile Framework was a little "soft" at the top. In other words lacking some processes and templates to truly guide and organization from the top down. But not anymore!


You will notice from the screenshot of the SAFe Big Picture for 5.0, there is now a blue band at the top for Business Agility. At this point, I sat up straight in my seat. Dean had my attention for sure! He went on to explain the number of many, and I mean MANY enhancements to the Big Picture.

Again, let me try to put this into perspective, if I held up the previous two versions of the SAFe Big Picture, you would be hard pressed to find the differences. But one glance in comparing this 5.0 version to its predecessor it would be easy to spot many variances.

I won't even begin to highlight some of the changes, there are just too many for this article. But what I will share is that this dawned on me; this picture has become rather complex to ME….someone who has been practicing and training on this topic for years. How on earth would a new user get their head around all of this? Or even worse yet, where do I begin in advising the next executive that SAFe really does work and will help their organization?


It was about this time in the presentation that it was revealed that a new tab had been added to the "Configurable" Big Picture. It is the 'Overview' tab:

This is it! A more simplistic view that shows at a high level how SAFe puts the customer in the center and the various benefits it offers at a high level. And just like the Big Picture view, this is not just an image. This page is interactive which allows the user to click on any icon to drill into more details.

At this point in time, SAFe 5.0 is still in Preview mode. However, anyone can access it from this link: https://v5preview.scaledagileframework.com/# I encourage you to click around and learn!!

It was stated that SAFe 5.0 will move to a "Production" state in January.

As I write this article, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised about this addition of Business Agility. One of the activities that all attendees completed at this SAFe Summit last year (2018) was create a backlog of features or enhancements that could be made to the framework. It was pretty unanimous that Business Agility was a gap. I tip my hat to Scaled Agile; they listened to their customers and responded. I look forward to leveraging some of these new tools found within the drawer of the Business Agility toolbox to assist executives in identifying THEIR customers, what products, services or features they need and how to quickly provide that value while at the same time helping them to build a learning organization that focuses on relentless improvement and an innovative culture.

SAFe has now scaled to the C Suite!

You may also find this article of value; What's New in SAFe 5.0

You may find this book helpful:

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Program and PMO: Hey Google....Talk to SAFe FAQ
PMConnection Articles

If you have Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini or Google Hub) simply say "Talk to SAFe FAQ".

Google will connect to the SAFe FAQ database and ask how to help.

Now simply ask a question like; "What is an iteration?", "What is a Roadmap?", or "What is a System Demo?"

Google will then comb through the latest version of the SAFe Glossary - Scaled Agile Framework Terms and Definitions to find the definition.

For the best experience, it is recommended that you work with the Google Assistant App on your phone or Google Hub so that you can read the term as well as hear the words.

You may find this helpful:
SAFe (6.0) Is Like ...: A different perspective on Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)® (6.0) through analogies, illustrations, narratives, and activities

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Program and PMO: Top 5 of 2018
PMConnection Articles

Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2018. 

If you missed any previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!

Project Management

1. Is It a Task or a Project? video

2. Build and support exceptional teams

3. Kanban User Cheat Sheet - Agile

4. 126 Construction Project Management Forms and Templates

5. Project Management Salary Survey 2017

Microsoft Planner

1. Conquer time with new features in Microsoft Planner

2. New Features in Planner

3. 5 Smart Tips for Organizing in Microsoft Planner

4. Microsoft Planner: A Change Management Solution for Office 365

5. When is a plan not a plan


Microsoft Project

1. How to Put Baseline Information on a MS Project Timeline

2. Are You Using the Team Planner View Feature in Microsoft Project?

3. Add a Calculated Status Indicator to Detail Tasks

4. Newly Released Agile Capabilities in MS Project

5. Using agile alongside waterfall in Project - video




1. 200 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

2. How to Upgrade Yourself to PMBOK Sixth Edition

3. 20 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

4. 200 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

5. Agile and PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition - Video



Program Management and PMO

1. Questions You Should Ask When Implementing a PMO

2. 5 Ways to Bring Project Managers To The PMO

3. PMO Management: The Global Challenge To Stay Relevant

4. 5 Ways To Track PMO Success

5. How to Bulletproof your PMO

Scaled Agile Framework

1. Epic Lean Business Case Template

2. Value Stream Definition Template

3. Team Roster Template

4. Foundations of the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe 4.5 - Video

5. SAFe Lean Agile Principles



Project Online or Microsoft Project Server

1. How to Create a Project Online Power BI Center

2. Project Online: Now with Conditional Access 

3. Leading the way with Project Online

4. Template for the perfect General Data Protection (GDPR) rollout - video

5. Moving your PMO to the Cloud - Why You Can't Afford to Miss the Wave - Video



Portfolio Management

1. Advancements in project portfolio management of technology investments

2. How to Align Projects with Your Organization's Mission, Goals, & Strategies - video

3. 4 Ways to Improve Executive Sponsorship 

4. Keep, Kill, Reconsider - Strategies For Improving Governance

5. How to Scale Your Business        



Innovation Management

1. A Systems Approach to a Research University's Research and Innovation Strategy

2. Four Steps to an Effective Innovation Process

3. Innovation Management in Swedish Municipalities

4. Some Aspects Regarding the Competitive Innovation Management

5. When Project Management Meets Design Theory



Great Websites

1. AlchemyWorks Projects 

2. VivifyScrum - Agile Project Management Tool

3. Project Management Qualifications

4. Free Business Documents Templates

5. The Stable Workshop

You may find this helpful:

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Program and PMO: DAD vs SAFe vs Scrum
PMConnection Articles

The following table has been developed to quickly compare the three different methodologies of DAD, SAFe and Scrum along-side their seven respective domains of; roles, processes, artifacts, benefits, complexity, usage, and tools.






What is DAD?

What is SAFe?

What is Scrum?


Primary Roles:

• Team Lead

• Product Owner

• Architecture Owner

• Team Member

• Stakeholders

Secondary Roles

• Independent Testers

• Specialists

• Domain  Expert

• Technical Expert

• Integrator


• Product Owner

• Scrum Master

• Team


• Product Management

• Release Train Engineer

• System Architect

Large Solution:

• Solution Management

• Solution Train Engineer

• Solution Architect


• Lean Portfolio Management

• Epic Owners

• Enterprise Architect

• Product Owner

• Scrum Master

• Team



• Form Initial Team

• Develop Common Vision

• Align with Enterprise Direction

• Explore Initial Scope

• Identify Initial Technical Strategy

• Develop Initial Release Plan

• Secure Funding

• Form Work Environment

• Identify Risks

• Develop Initial Test Strategy


• Produce a Potentially Consumable Solution

• Address Changing Stakeholder Needs

• Move Closer to a Deployable Release

• Improve Quality

• Prove Architecture Early


• Ensure the Solution is Consumable

• Deploy the Solution


• Grow Team Members

• Govern Delivery Team

• Leverage and Enhance Existing Infrastructure

• Address Risk

• Improve Team Process and Environment

• Coordinate Activities


• Establish Strategic Themes

• Define Epics

• Create Portfolio Backlog

• Create Portfolio Kanban

• Align Budgets to Value Streams

Large Solution

• Define Capabilities

• Create Large Solution Backlog

• Create Large Solution Kanban

• Conduct Solution Planning

• Conduct Solution Demo


• Define Features

• Create Program Backlog

• Create Program Kanban

• Conduct WSJF

• Conduct PI Planning

• Establish PI Objectives

• Conduct System Demos

• Conduct Inspect and Adapt


• Define User Stories

• Create Team Backlog

• Prioritize User Stories

• Create Sprint Backlog

• Execute Sprint

• Conduct Daily Standups

• Conduct Review

• Conduct Sprint Retrospective

• Define User Stories

• Create Sprint Backlog

• Conduct Sprint Planning

Execute Sprint

• Conduct Daily Standups

• Conduct Sprint Review

• Determine if shippable product

• Conduct Retrospective


• Initial Vision and Funding

• Business Roadmap

• Technology Roadmap

• Initial Requirements

• Release Plan

• Initial Architectural Vision

• Iteration Backlog

• Consumable Solution

• Funding and Feedback



• Investment Themes

• Business and Architecture Epics

• Portfolio  Backlog

• Portfolio Vision



• Product Roadmap

• Vision

• Program Backlog

• Team Backlog

• NFR's

• Architecture Runway

• Business and Architecture Features

• Metrics


• Team Backlog

• Team PSI Objective

• Sprint Goals

• Working Software

• Spikes

• Metrics

• Product Backlog

• Sprint Backlog

• Burn-Down Chart

• Increment


• Proven, well documented and flexible

• Clear roles, artifacts and events

• Scalable from 2, 3 or 4 levels

• Hybrid framework

• Flexible

• Phases with milestones support large scale agile delivery

• Geared for individual teams or small organizations

• Easier to implement than DAD or SAFe

• The basis or the foundation in which both DAD and SAFe are built upon






Scalable throughout entire organization – Not prescriptive.

Scalable throughout entire organization – Very prescriptive.

Team Level


• Microsoft TFS

• Blueprint

• The Enterprise • Transformation Advisor

• MethodPark Stages

• IBM Rational Method Composer (RMC)

• Atlassian - JIRA

• Microsoft - InCycle

• CA Technologies - CA Agile Central

• VersionOne - VersionOne

• Allocable

• One2Team

• Sciforma

• Target Process

• SmartCore

• AgileZen

• VersionOne

• CA Agile Central

• YouTrack

• GitLab


Note: You may find this book helpful:

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Program and PMO: Top 5 of 2016
PMConnection Articles

Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2016. 

If you missed any previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!

Project Management

1. Project Assumptions - Podcast 

2. 21 PM Templates for $20

3. Don't Mind Failure: An Interview with the Scientist behind the Mars Rovers

4. Skilling Up for a Project Management Career

5. Scaled Agile Framework White Paper



Microsoft Project

1. Microsoft Project 2016 Preview: Multiple Timelines

2. Mastering Formulas in Microsoft Project

3. Postponing a Microsoft Project Schedule

4. Using Budget Resources - video

5a. Using the Ribbon in Microsoft Project - Video

5b. 30 Second Report - video



Microsoft Project Templates

1. Commercial construction project plan

2. Project Management Plan

3. Engineering project Plan

4. Website Development

5. Agile Project Management




1. How to prepare for your PMP Exam. Step 7: What to Expect on Your PMP Exam Day - Video

2. The Complete Guide to PMP 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Education

3. How to prepare for your PMP Exam. Step 5: Study Tips and Techniques - video

4. Getting Recertified and Earning PDUs - video

5. What you need to know about the upcoming PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition



Program Management and PMO

1. A Five-Phase Approach to Launching a PMO

2. How to Set Up Project Management Office - Video

3. Building a PMO that Helps Vendors Work Together

4. Using Project Management Office (PMO) To Improve Project Management Abilities

5. Measuring your way to failure?



Microsoft Project Server or Project Online

1. 3 new enhancements to Project Online

2. Understanding security in Project Online and Project Server 2013 - Slides 

3. Project Portfolio Dashboard App

4. The Power of Resource Engagements – Project Online

5. Project Online: Server Settings - Missing Security Options



Portfolio Management

1. Project Portfolio Management defined

2. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) - Video

3. 2016 Project Portfolio Management Trends 

4. Top 10 Reasons for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Failure

5. Project Evaluation Template         



Innovation Management

1. Global Dynamics of Innovation and Project Management

2. 10 Rules for Managing Global Innovation

3. How to Get Buy-in and Resources for Enterprise Innovation

4. Innovating vs. Operating

5. Seven Strengths for Innovative Leaders and Teams - Videos



Great Websites

1. Project Management PrepCast 

2. PM Study Coach

3. Certified PMO Director 

4. Online PM Courses

5. 4PMTI

You may find this helpful:

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Program and PMO: Agile Throughout The Enterprise
PMConnection Articles

Tons of Articles, Videos, Podcasts and Templates related to Agile, Kanban and Scrum can be found in our ever growing database.  They can be sorted alphabetically, by date added, by rating or by popularity.  See the full list here.


You may find this book helpful:

Agile Project Management with Kanban

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Program and PMO: Top 5 of 2015
PMConnection Articles

Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2015. 

If you missed any previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!

Project Management

1              How to Get Started in Project Management

2              10 Signs You’re a Project Manager

3              $ Coaching on Project, Program or Portfolio Management

4              The Common Pains from Poor Project Management

5              Project Management Statistics for 2015



Microsoft Project

1              10 Signs You Don’t Really Know Microsoft Project - video

2              Microsoft Project - The Most Popular Project Management Software - See Statistics Here

3              Make the switch to Project 2013 – video

4              422 Microsoft Project; Fields, Terms and Definitions

5              Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365: An Overview - video



Microsoft Project Templates

1              Agile Project Management

2              Commercial Construction

3              Agile Project Plan

4              802.11 Master Development Schedule

5              $ PMP Exam Prep Plan  




1              $ PMP Application Template in Excel

2              100 Free Questions

3              How To Get The PMP Certification – Video

4              How PMP’s are making a difference around the world

5              50 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions



Program Management and PMO

1              6 Steps to a Successful Project Management Office

2              How PMOs can balance time, cost and quality

3              Talent Management: Powering Strategic Initiatives in the PMO

4              Must-Have Practices to Enrich Your PM Capability

5              Your Resources Are Falling Through The Cracks 



Microsoft Project Server

1              Create your own carousel on the PWA home page!!

2              Free Training on Microsoft Project, Project Online and Project Server

3              Microsoft’s Vision and Roadmap for Work, Project, and Portfolio Management – video

4              Bulk update custom fields and create project sites from a workflow

5              7 Ways to Sustain Adoption of your PPM Solution, Post-Implementation



Portfolio Management

1              99 Portfolio Management Terms

2              One Page Plan for Successful Portfolio Management

3              Project Portfolio Management Overview - Video2          



Innovation Management

1              Building innovation into project management

2              Managing Innovation from Concept to Cash

3              5 Ways to Innovate Now

4              Project Management vs Innovation: Friends or Foes? - Slides

5              Managing Your Innovation Portfolio




1              $ The Goal Calculator

Note: You might find this helpful:

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Program and PMO: 84 Program Management Terms
PMConnection Articles

84 Program Management Terms and Definitions
- All Free!
- Includes definitions
- Within a searchable database
- No Login Required

See all 84 Project Management Terms and Definitions here:


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Program and PMO: MSP® Glossary Terms and Definitions
PMConnection Articles

Within this database you will find all 84 terms and definitions located with the Managing Successful Programmes Glossary, the 2011 Edition.

Expand your Program Management vocabulary, or if you are studying for one of the MSP® Certification exams, you can use this site like flashcards to help you memorize the definitions.

MSP® Glossary Terms and Definitions here.

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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