Create Applet in IFTTT
Date: Wednesday, February 27 @ 20:59:43 EST
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This is "Module 5 Create Applet in IFTTT", which is part of a series on "Create Tasks in Microsoft Project using Google Assistant".

12. Visit (If This Then That) and create an account

13. When asked to choose at least three services, select Google Assistant, Wunderlist and Trello

14. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of your user name and click on New Applet

15. Click the "+this"

16. In Step 1, search for Assistant and click on Google Assistant

17. The Choose trigger step will appear. For Step 2, click on "Say a phrase with a text ingredient"

18. Within the question for "What do you want to say", input 'add $ to my project'. Within the question for "What do you want the Assistant to say in response?', input 'Ok, adding task'.

19. Then click on Create Trigger

20. Click on the "+that"

21. In Step 3 Choose action service, type trello, then click on Trello

22. Step 4, click on Create a card

22. Within Which Board? Click on the dropdown and select the name of your Trello board (the one with no spaces). For List name, input Inbox

23. For Position, select Top of List. For Title, click on Add Ingredient and select TextField.


24. Click on Create action

 25. As a last step, you can change the name of your Applet if you like.

26. Click on Save.

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