What are the Benefits of a Citizen Developer?
Date: Saturday, January 01 @ 07:35:59 EST
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What are the Benefits of a Citizen Developer?
  1. PMI Citizen Development - The Handbook for Creators and Changemakers
               A. For Organizations
                    i. Accelerates new product and service creation
                    ii. Drives more efficient processes and automated workflows
                    iii. Stimulates widespread innovation across the organization
                    iv. Helps cut costs and build resilience in volatile times
                    v. Expedites digital transformations and accelerates project-based working
               B. For IT
                    i. Frees up capacity in IT
                    ii. Mitigates shadow IT risk and improves code quality
                    ​iii. Elevates the role of IT risk as a safeguard for the organization
                    iv. Enhances reusability and reduces maintenance effort
                    v. Increases transparency Of application inventory
               C. For Individuals
                    i. Fosters a culture Of employment through autonomy and ownership
                    ii. Allows developers to make changes to applications in real time
                    iii. Speeds up and simplifies turning ideas into apps
                    iv. Provides recognition and enhanced career prospects
                    v. Democratizes development for nonprofessional coders
        2. Nintex
               A. Reducing the burden on your IT department
               B. Enabling business agility
               C. Engaging your workforce
               D. Empowering your employees

        ​3. Planet Crust
               A. Save crucial time
               B. IT sector inability
               C. Advancement in technology
               D. Have high security for your business
        4. Maruti Techlabs
               A. Meeting The Demand For Apps
               B. Apps That End Users Need
               C. Engaging the Workforce
               D. Increased Productivity
               ​E. Competitive Advantage

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