Are Your Favorites Online?
Date: Saturday, May 19 @ 02:00:36 EDT
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- Do you work on more than one PC in a day?
- Have you ever lost your browser Favorites do to acquiring a new PC?
- Have you ever been forced to work on a different PC and wished you had access to your own browser Favorites?
- Have you ever lost your Favorites due to upgrading or reinstalling your browser software?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then the following article may be of value.

About ten years ago I found myself in a situation where I was working on three different PC’s in a days time.  Like many users, I leveraged my browser Favorites to store links to various websites.  However, I found myself going crazy trying to keep all of my Favorites up to date and in sync.  Inevitably, I would be working on a machine and go to my Favorites, and not find a link I was looking for because I had actually bookmarked it while on another machine.

Then I stumbled into a website called Hotsheet (  This website is nothing but a categorized list of popular links.  They do however offer the ability to create your own list of categorized favorites ( ).  This website not only altered the way I work, but it altered my life!  I am a firm believer in never trying to remember what you can look up.  By creating various categories and saving my links online, I am never more than a couple of clicks away from information I value.  Myhotsheet has been the homepage for my internet browser ever since.  And over the course of ten years, you can imagine that I have compiled an incredible number of valuable links.

Today there are other websites that offer this same feature.  Perhaps you feel an alliance to either Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or Firefox.  All of these organizations offer the ability to save your bookmarks online.

These websites offer slightly different bells and whistles, but the main point is; now all of your favorites are saved in one location and can be accessed any time you are online, no matter which machine you use!

So how does this relate to Project Management you might ask.

  1. Leveraging bookmarks online can make you more efficient
  2. You can create “Project Management” or “PMP Prep” as a category for your bookmarks and save your favorite links.
  3. This concept of saving favorite links online is the basis for PMConnections Research Center.
If you feel compelled to move your bookmarks online, don’t forget to add PMConnection as one of your favorites!

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