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Date: Sunday, July 16 @ 04:01:24 EDT
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Some things I’ll never understand.  Like; why the sky is blue, why my toast always lands butter side down and why a few buttons are not on the standard toolbar within Microsoft Project.  I have taught a number of classes on the basics of Microsoft Project, and even before entering the first task I show students how to add buttons to their toolbar.  These buttons make updating your schedule more efficient and less time consuming.  I’ll bet over the course of my project management career, I’m approaching a few hours of saved time (and we all know that is precious!!).  There have also been a few opportunities when I have watched over the shoulder of veteran Microsoft Project users to see them do something in two or three steps that they could do in one with the right shortcut button.

To insert these buttons:

1. Open Microsoft Project
2. Click on View – Toolbars – Then Customize
3. Click on the Commands Tab
4. Click on the Edit under Categories
5. The first option to add is the Delete Row button
6. In the Command pane (right), simply scroll down and click on Delete Row.  Now drag it up and place it wherever you would like on your standard tool bar.
7. Now add Hide Column. In the Command pane, scroll down and click on Hide Column.
8. Drag it up to your toolbar.

Now that you have the feel for this process, here is the entire list of buttons that I would suggest you add:

Under Edit
 -Delete Row
 -Hide Column

Under Insert
 -Insert Task
 -Column - Inserts Column

Under Format
 -Font (the one with the A)- Quickly change font style and color

I promise these 5 buttons will speed your work tremendously.  Feel free to add any additional buttons that you might use frequently.

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