Automatically Change ALL Duration Units in Microsoft Project
Date: Monday, November 12 @ 20:42:47 EST
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Within MS Project, it is possible to use the following units for establishing durations:

  • Minutes (min)
  • Hours (hr)
  • Days (day)
  • Weeks (wk)
  • Months (mon)
Here is the scenario

You have a schedule with multiple tasks. For whatever reason, you have different units for the durations. Some are shown in Hours, some are shown in Days and perhaps one is in Weeks. You would like them all to be displayed in days.


You could go through your entire schedule and manually change them, but there is an easier way!

Within your schedule, click on >Tools, >Macro, >Macros. You will see the following box:


Highlight Format_Duration and click Run.

Another box will appear that allows you to choose the unit.


Select Days, then click on OK.


You will notice that all your Duration Units are now in Days!!!

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