How to Create a New Table within Microsoft Project 2007
Date: Saturday, December 08 @ 15:35:20 EST
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This article will show the steps required to create a new table within Microsoft Project 2007.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Project


Note that we are in the Gantt Chart view which by default points to the Entry Table. Also note that the Work field (column) does not appear in this view.
Step 2: Click on >View


Step 3: Hover over >Table, >Click on More Tables


Step 4: The best way to create a new table is to start from an existing one. I want a table that is similar to the Entry table, so click on >Entry, then >Copy.


Step 5: Let’s name this table "My Table". We can see the fields (columns) that are included in the table under Field Name.


Step 6: We would like to add a field between Name and Duration, so click on Duration and then >Insert Row.


Step 7: Click on the dropdown.


Step 8: Insert the field “Work”.


Step 9: Ensure remaining columns are configured as desired and click on >OK.


Step 10: In order to see the fields in the "My Table" table, we must associate it with a View. By clicking on Apply from this dialogue box, we will tie the Gantt Chart view to “My Table”.


With the “My Table” table applied to the Gantt Chart view, the Field Work is now display.


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