What’s New in PMBOK® 2013, the 5th Edition
Date: Saturday, January 26 @ 17:52:48 EST
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The major changes include:

1. A new knowledge area: Project Stakeholders Management. Moving from 9 Knowledge Areas to 10. Stakeholder Management is broken down into four processes:

a. Identify the project stakeholders
b. Plan stakeholder management
c. Manage stakeholder engagement
d. Control stakeholder engagement

2. Better aligned PMBOK® with other standards including the new Agile Project Management standard.

3. Added steps in the Scope, Schedule, and Cost knowledge areas which means new activities associated with planning each of these areas. Moving from 42 Processes to 47. Additional details on the processes:

a. Added 4 processes to plan the management of knowledge areas
b. Introduced 2 new controlling processes (Control Communications & Control Stakeholder Management)
c. Merged 2 processes (Distribute Information and Report Performance) into a revisited process (Manage Communications)
d. Reallocated 2 processes in the new stakeholder knowledge area

PMBOK 2013

FIG 1: PMBOK 2013 Knowledge Areas, Process Groups and Processes


4. Now conforms to the DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) model used in the field of Knowledge Management.

5. Definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) expanded.

6. Project life cycles expanded.

7. 248 pages minus the glossary.

The PMP Certification exam will change to align with PMBOK® 2013 5th Edition on July 31st, 2013.

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