How to Highlight Tasks that Start or Finish on the Weekend
Date: Sunday, October 05 @ 12:52:09 EDT
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How to Highlight Tasks that Start or Finish on the Weekend

This solution involves a Flag field, a formula, a Macro and the out of the box Marked Tasks field.

What you will end with is a schedule in which you can easily see or filter for Weekend Tasks:

Step 1 – Add the Formula

Insert “Flag3″ into your Gantt Chart view, then right click on the column heading and select Custom fields. Click on Rename and input “Weekend Task?”:

Click on >OK, then click on >Formula. Paste this formula into that box:


Click on >OK

Microsoft Project will alert you that any existing data in this field will be deleted. Click on >OK and >OK again.

You now have a field that displays a Yes if that task either Starts or Finishes on a Saturday and/or Sunday:

You could now use the auto-filter on the column heading and filter for just the “Yes” value. Perhaps this is enough. But we promised to Highlight these tasks. On to Step 2:

Step 2 – Highlight the Tasks

To do this, we are going to leverage the out of the box field called Marked Tasks and the Text Styles option.

Click on >Format, >Text Styles, for Item to Change, select >Marked Tasks, for Color change to Maroon, click on >OK:

Step 3 – Making it Work

In order to get the Weekend Tasks to display with Maroon text, we must leverage a macro. I used this code:

I created the macro so it would run with the key strokes of >Ctrl and e:

So now, after adjusting the schedule, I only need to hold down on the “Ctrl” key and hit “e” and my Weekend Tasks are highlighted in Maroon:

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