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PMP: Hey Google....Talk to PMP Exam Prep
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If you have Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini or Google Hub) simply say "Talk to PMP Exam Prep".

Google will then give you the definition of a project management term.  You simply respond with the correct term.  If you get the term right, Google will let you know and move on to the next definition.  If you miss the term, Google will give you a second opportunity to answer.  If you provide the incorrect term a second time, Google will give you the correct answer and then provide you with the next term.

You will get three questions per round.  Google will keep track of how many you get right.  Google will then ask you if you would like to play another round.

The terms are randomly pulled from a database containing all 470 project management terms located in the PMBOK® Glossary (Sixth Edition 2017).  See the searchable database online from here

If you are studying for the PMP® exam, you can use this Google PMP Exam Prep Application like flashcards to help you memorize the definitions.  

For the best experience, it is recommended that you work with the Google Assistant App or Google Hub so that you can read the term as well as hear the words.  If you say "Repeat the question", Google will read the definition again.

Note: You may find this helpful:

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PMP: PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions
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Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: There is Still Time to Pass the PMP Exam!
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When is the PMP Exam Changing?

The PMP Exam is changing on 01 July 2020.  Learn more here

  • Is there still value in obtaining the PMP certification?  Answer here and then see the results from you peers.
  • Get a PMP Exam Prep Plan here.
  • Find the PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions 6th Edition 2017 online here.
  • Get a PMP Application Template in Excel here.
  • Get thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep questions here.
  • PMP Exam Day Tips here.


Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: The Faces of PMBOK®
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PMBOK® Through the Years

We thought you might like to take a stroll down memory lane!  Where were you when these pictures were taken?

Over 275 Articles, Videos and Podcasts to help you prepare for the PMP certification can be found here.
Thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions from here.
Already PMP Certified? Over 150 Articles, Videos and Podcasts just for you here.

Purchase PMBOK 6th Edition 2017 here:
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK 6th Edition 2017

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PMP: Invest Your Holiday Break Wisely; Prepare for the PMP Exam!
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  • Is there still value in obtaining the PMP certification?  Answer here and then see the results from you peers.
  • Get a PMP Exam Prep Plan here.
  • Find the PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions online here.
  • Get a PMP Application Template in Excel here.
  • Get thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep questions here.
  • PMP Exam Day Tips here.


Find more information: #‎PMPExamPrepWeek

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: Free PMP Exam Prep Questions
PMConnection Articles

PMConnection is home to thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions (Practice Questions or Mock Exams). They can be sorted Alphabetically, by Date added, by Rating or by Popularity.

See all the Free PMP Exam Prep Questions here.  

To help your peers, be sure to Rate or Report Broken Links.

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions
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You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: What’s New in PMBOK® 2013, the 5th Edition
PMConnection Articles
The major changes include:

1. A new knowledge area: Project Stakeholders Management. Moving from 9 Knowledge Areas to 10. Stakeholder Management is broken down into four processes:

a. Identify the project stakeholders
b. Plan stakeholder management
c. Manage stakeholder engagement
d. Control stakeholder engagement

2. Better aligned PMBOK® with other standards including the new Agile Project Management standard.

3. Added steps in the Scope, Schedule, and Cost knowledge areas which means new activities associated with planning each of these areas. Moving from 42 Processes to 47. Additional details on the processes:

a. Added 4 processes to plan the management of knowledge areas
b. Introduced 2 new controlling processes (Control Communications & Control Stakeholder Management)
c. Merged 2 processes (Distribute Information and Report Performance) into a revisited process (Manage Communications)
d. Reallocated 2 processes in the new stakeholder knowledge area

PMBOK 2013

FIG 1: PMBOK 2013 Knowledge Areas, Process Groups and Processes


4. Now conforms to the DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom) model used in the field of Knowledge Management.

5. Definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) expanded.

6. Project life cycles expanded.

7. 248 pages minus the glossary.

The PMP Certification exam will change to align with PMBOK® 2013 5th Edition on July 31st, 2013.

Note: Purchase PMBOK 2013 here:

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK 5th Edition 2013

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PMP: PMBOK Errata - Errors in the PMBOK Guide and their corrections
PMConnection Articles Believe it or not, but there are errors in the PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition. That is why the PMI has made available 2 PDF documents with errata information.  They used to have these on their website, but ever since the new website came online, these files are no longer available. I have received them from the PMI and because the PMI isn't acting fast enough, I am making them available through my website http://www.pmprepcast.com - here they are:


Please check the version of your PMBOK Guide, before you use these errata sheets. Here is what the PMI writes:

 *Quote:*  Since the PMBOK(R) Guide—Third Edition was published in October 2004, there have been two errata sheets. The first pertained to the first printing of the book (or CD-ROM). The second errata sheet pertains to all printings up to the current (fifth) printing.

In order to determine the print run of your book, refer to the bottom of the copyright page (which precedes the Notice page and Table of Contents). You will see a descending numerical string of numbers beginning with 10. The first printing of the PMBOK(R) Guide—Third Edition will show the numerals 10 through 1. With each subsequent print run, the lowest numeral is removed from the string. Therefore, if your copy of the PMBOK(R) Guide—Third Edition has all 10 numerals, you have the first printing and you will need both errata sheets.

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (needs first errata sheet and second errata sheet)

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 (needs second errata sheet)

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 (needs second errata sheet)

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 (needs second errata sheet)

10 9 8 7 6 5 (needs second errata sheet)

And please check out our PMP Podcast at http://www.pmprepcast.com - It's definitely the easiest way to prepare for the PMP Exam: Just put on your headphones, listen and learn.
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
Host of The Project Management PrepCast™
The First True PMP(R) Podcast.
Get 35 Contact Hours for just $39.99

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PMP: 10 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions
PMConnection Articles

For best experience, use the Printer Friendly option to the right, print this out and circle the best answer.  Answers are located at the bottom, but no cheating!!

1. You are working on a project at a client’s site.  While working on your project, you stumble into a possible flaw in the design of a project that was completed six months ago.  This project was also managed by a representative of your organization.  No one else is aware of this possible flaw and you do not believe any problem will be apparent for another two years (well after you are done with your current project).  In this situation, what should you do?

  a.  Do nothing because that project is complete.
  b.  Notify your management both orally and in writing.
  c.  Notify the customer directly.
  d.  Take steps to ensure this type of problem does not occur with your project.

2. You have been assigned to a new project and have finished the scope statement. You and your team are now going to create a Work Breakdown Structure. You are spending a lot of time discussing how to create a completely decomposed Work Breakdown Structure. Which of the following is not relevant to this discussion?
  a.  Status/completion is measurable.
  b.  Time/cost is easily estimated.
  c.  Start/end events are clearly defined.
  d.  Resource availability can be reliably foreseen.

3. A risk management plan should be tailored for each project in what way?

  a.  Some companies use predefined templates for risk management plans.
  b.  Certain companies have predefined roles and responsibilities as they relate to risk management.
  c.  The risk management plan should ensure that the level and type of risk management efforts are appropriate to the level of risk and importance of the project to the company.
  d.  Some organizations have predefined risk management policies that must be tailored to an individual project.

4.  You are in a meeting with 4 of your subordinates.  How many communication channels are there?

  a.  4
  b.  8
  c.  10
  d.  16

5.  A seller is working on a cost reimbursable contract when the buyer decides he would like to expand the scope of the services and change to a fixed price contract.  The seller’s options include:

  a.  Completing the original work on a cost reimbursable basis and then negotiating a fixed price for additional work
  b.  Completing the original work and rejecting additional work
  c.  Negotiating a fixed price contract that includes all the work
  d.  All of the above

6.  In examining the progress of our project, you determine that actual cost of the work performed so far is 67k.  The Budgeted Cost of this work was 55k.  What is your CPI?

  a.  0.82
  b.  0
  c.  1
  d.  1.21

7.  You have asked two different individuals for an estimated duration of a task. Your manager stated it should take 8 days.  The new developer says it will take 18 days.  But based upon your experience of having seen this many times in the past, you feel it will most likely take 11 days.  You decide to employ the three point estimating technique.  What is the output of this estimate?

  a.  10.25
  b.  11.67
  c.  12.33
  d.  16.67

8.  When preparing to implement quality control on your project, all of the following should be considered except what?

  a.  Inspection over prevention
  b.  Customer satisfaction
  c.  Management responsibility
  d.  Continuous improvement

9.  You work in a matrix environment.  You are discouraged by the fact that many members of your project team are not aware of the progress of the project until this is discussed in your status meeting.  Which team development approach would best resolve this situation?

  a.  Training
  b.  Recognition and rewards
  c.  Co-Location
  d.  A team building event

10.  During the execution of a project, the project manager determines that a change is needed to material purchased for the project.  The project manager has to pull the team together for a meeting to discuss how to handle this change.  This is an example of:

  a.  Management by Objectives
  b.  Lack of a change control system
  c.  Progressive elaboration
  d.  Lack of a clear work breakdown structure


For thousands of other free PMP exam prep questions, visit this link.


  1. b – Professional Responsibility
  2. d – Scope Management
  3. c – Risk Management
  4. c – Communication Management  n(n-1)/2 or 5(5-1)2 or 20/2
  5. d – Procurement Management
  6. a – Cost Management CPI = EV/AC or CPI = 55/67
  7. b – Time Management
  8. a – Quality Management
  9. c – Human Resource Management
  10. b – Integration Management

Note: You might find this book helpful:

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