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MS Teams: Microsoft OneNote to Microsoft Planner
PMConnection Articles

It is possible to create an Action Item in Microsoft OneNote and have a task be automatically created within Microsoft Planner!

Watch short demonstration vide here.

To make this happen requires creating a very small, simple flow within Microsoft Power Automate. Here is that flow:

Note: You might find this helpful: www.AIinProjectManagement.com

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MS Project: Resource Optimization within PMBOK and Microsoft Project
PMConnection Articles

Watch video from this article here.

Within the 6th Edition (2017) of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) there is a Knowledge Area called "Project Schedule Management". Within this Knowledge Area is a process called "Develop Schedule". One of the Techniques that PMI references that should be used to assist with this process is "Resource Optimization".

Resource Optimization is used to adjust the start and finish dates of activities to adjust planned resource use to be equal to or less than resource availability. Examples of resource optimization techniques that can be used to adjust the schedule model due to demand and supply of resources include but are not limited to: "Resource Leveling" and "Resource Smoothing". (PMBOK 2017, p. 211)

Resource Leveling

PMI defines Resources Leveling as a resource optimization technique in which adjustments are made to the project schedule to optimize the allocation of resources and which may affect critical path.

Let us now demonstrate Resource Leveling within Microsoft Project. We will start off by reviewing the Gantt Chart view of a simple project schedule:

If we shift to the Tracking Gantt view of the same project, we can see that this project has been baselined (by the grey color in the Task Bar within the Bar Chart). We can also see which tasks are on the Critical Path of this project (by the red color in the Task Bar within the Bar Chart).

Also from this view, we see little red heads appearing with the Indicator column. This is Microsoft Project's way of telling us that at least one resource is being over-allocated by being assigned to that task. Being over-allocated means that we are asking the resource to perform more effort (Work) within a particular time period than they have the availability or capacity to give. Since Work is a variable in this situation, lets add the Work column to this view:

Now we can see the amount of Work tied to each task.

But to better understand what is causing the over-allocation, we must look a little closer. We will now split the screen and display the Resource Graph at the bottom (Note that I have modified the Resource Graph to display Work in the bar chart on the right):

Now we click on the Task 1:

From this view, we can see that within the schedule, Jim is being asked to complete 16 hours worth of Work on Tuesday, when he only has 8 hours of availability or capacity to give. This over-allocation is created by Jim being assigned to work on both Task 1 and Task 2 on the same day.

Now click on Task 3:

From the Resource Graph on the bottom, we can see that Sally is also over-allocated. She is being asked to complete 16 hours worth of work on Wednesday when she only has the capacity or availability to deliver 8 hours worth of Work.

Let us now perform Resource Leveling within Microsoft Project. Click on >Resource tab across the top, then click on > Level All

Microsoft Project then reacts to your input:

You will notice few things happened:

  1. There are no longer any tasks with over-allocated resources (the little read heads are gone)
  2. A number of Start and Finish dates changed (Change highlighting feature shows all cells that changed in blue)
  3. If you examine the bar chart, you can see the difference between the current plan versus the baselined plan by comparing the colored task bars (current) to the grey bar (baseline).

Let us review PMI's definition again; Resources Leveling is a resource optimization technique in which adjustments are made to the project schedule to optimize the allocation of resources and which may affect critical path. In our example in Microsoft Project, we saw both of the items emerge. From my personal experience, this approach has ALWAYS impacted the critical path.

Resource Smoothing

Let us now explore the concept of Resource Smoothing. According to PMI, Resource Smoothing is a resource optimization technique in which free and total float are used without affecting the critical path.

In order to demonstrate Resource Smoothing in Microsoft Project, we will return to our original schedule:

Remember that Jim and Sally are both over-allocated in this project.

Since the concept of Resource Smoothly involves free and total float, we will insert the Free Slack column within our Project Schedule.

We can see that Task 3 and 4 each have 1 day of Free Slack

Now click on >Leveling Option and place a checkmark by "Level only within available slack", then click on >OK


Now click on "Level All". More thank likely, you will see a message like this:


Click on >Skip All

Microsoft Project reacts to your input:

Let's inspect what happened:

  1. The tasks that were originally on the Critical Path did NOT get rescheduled
  2. This means that Jim is still showing as over-allocated
  3. The Start date for Task 4 was moved to 12/24/20
  4. Sally is NO LONGER over-allocated

Again, PMI's definitions of Resource Smoothing is; "It is a resource optimization technique in which free and total float are used without affecting the critical path." From the example above, we can see that Microsoft Project performed in accordance with this definition.

You might find this article helpful: 9 Tips for Dealing with an Over Allocated Resource


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PMP: How to Schedule Your PMP Exam
PMConnection Articles

About the Online Proctored Test:

Online proctored test delivery allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone. To learn more about online proctoring, please visit:  https://www.pmi.org/certifications/project-management-pmp


Before you select and pay for an online proctored exam delivery:

Please review the minimum system requirements and run a system test and exam simulation before selecting and paying for the exam. If you purchase an online proctored test and your computer equipment does not meet the requirements, you are unlikely to receive a refund. If your computer does not meet these requirements, please select to take the exam at a test center during the payment process.

Scheduling Instructions with Pearson VUE for Center-Based Test (CBT) and Online Proctoring (OPT)

Schedule your appointment online at PMI.org. Upon logging into your PMI.org account, click the “Schedule Exam” link under “You may now schedule your PMP examination”. You will be directed to schedule your exam through Pearson VUE.


If you selected Test Center during payment:

1.    When you are directed to your Pearson VUE account, the PMP exam will be available under

Pre-approved Exams. Click the PMP exam link.

2.     On the next page, you will see the PMP exam and language you have selected. Please make sure to click “View Testing Policies”, then click “Schedule This Exam”.

3.    Next, search for a test center. Once you have located a test location with availability, select a date and time.

4.    After making your selection, review your appointment details and then click “Proceed to Checkout”.

5.     Follow the next steps to complete checkout, and then click “Submit Order”.

6.     Your appointment is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE.


If you selected Online Proctoring during payment:

1.     When you are directed to your Pearson VUE account, the PMP exam will be available under

Pre-approved Exams. Click the PMP exam link.

2.     Read through and agree to the online proctoring policies and click “Next”.

3.    The next page will display the PMP exam and language you have selected. Please make sure to click “View Testing Policies”, then click “Schedule This Exam”.

4.    Choose the date and time you wish to take your exam. You do not need to select a location. You may schedule online at any time of day. Select the date you would like to take your exam and then the time.

5.    After you make your selection, you will review your appointment details and then click “Proceed to Checkout”.

6.    Follow the next steps to complete checkout and then click “Submit Order”.

7.     Your appointment is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE.

Other useful information:
  • Is there still value in obtaining the PMP certification?  Answer here and then see the results from you peers.
  • Get a PMP Exam Prep Plan here.
  • Find the PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions 6th Edition 2017 online here.
  • Get thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep questions here.
  • PMP Exam Day Tips here.
  • Top 10 PMP Exam Prep Tips here
  • Project Management Professional (PMP®) Handbook here.

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: Top 10 Benefits of the PMP Certification
PMConnection Articles


This presentation will provide the top 10 benefits of acquiring the PMP certification.  It is primarily geared toward the individual contemplating taking the exam.  The list is shown from a from a “count down” perspective with the highest benefit ranked as #1….but shown last.


10. Provides International Recognition

The PMP certification is the number one sought after and demanded project management certification.  It is recognized globally as the pinnacle in project management certifications.

 9. Networking Opportunities

Acquiring the PMP certification places you in a very prestigious club.  It opens many doors that allows you to network with other PMP’s not only on a local level, but also plugging in to the international level.

 8. Validates your commitment to the career

By devoting the time to prepare for and pass the PMP certification exam demonstrates your commitment to your career in project management.  This commitment shows not only to your team, your peers, the company that you work for, but also future employers.

 7. Improve Your Company

The knowledge and skills that you will acquire while preparing for the PMP exam will be applied to your current projects, shared with team members, stakeholders and peers within your organization.  In turn, this sharing of information and improving project performance improves your company as a whole.

 6. Common Vocabulary

By acquiring the PMP certification, it means that you have now acquired a wide vocabulary of project management terms.  These exact same terms have been learned by others who have also acquired the PMP certification.  The benefit comes in that when applying the terms, you are drawing from a consistent definition of the term.  In other words, when you speak a term, it has a consistent definition and meaning to others; not only in your organization, but in other organizations in which you might interface with.  See the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Glossary Terms and Definitions here.

 5. Increased Chance of Project Success

By acquiring the PMP certification, you will have learned many proven tools and techniques that can help you deliver various processes.  By learning these proven approaches, you can now employ that on your project, thus improving your chance of successfully delivering the scope of that project on time and within budget.

 4. Set Yourself Apart from Other Project Managers

As you can imagine, the simple fact that having acquired the PMP certification positions you with a more advanced understanding of project management than someone who has not spent all the time studying and understanding PMBOK.  This applies not only within your organization, but also when applying for other job opportunities.

 3. More Job Opportunities

If you are searching for a job in project management, you will find that there are many opportunities out there that are looking for individuals who do not hold the PMP certification.  But, if you examine the project management job opportunities being offered that do require the PMP certification, you will find that list will grow tremendously!  You can use your favorite job board if you like, but here is a link to Project Management jobs on Monster.com.

 2. Better Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a better job in the company that you currently work for, or looking outside your organization, you will find that having the PMP certification will improve your opportunity to land those better jobs.

 1. Improved Salary

According to the most recent salary survey conducted by the Project Management Institute, individuals who hold the PMP certification make 22% more than individuals who do not.  See the “Project Management Salary Survey” here.

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: Top 10 PMP Exam Prep Tips
PMConnection Articles


This presentation will provide the top 10 tips for preparing for the PMP Exam
They are in somewhat of a sequential order as some items will be required before beginning or completing other items.

You will find additional articles here:
- PMP Test Taking Tips

Here are Top 10 PMP Exam Prep Tips:

1. Don’t take this exam lightly!

- There are 180 questions.  You must answer them within 4 hours
- Content is pulled not only from PMBOK but also various other sources
- It will require time for you to not only memorize terms, definitions and formulas, but you also need time to actually learn and understand the PMI way

2. Treat your “PMP Exam Prep” as a project

- This initiative is temporary and unique.
- It has a definitive start and end
- It will produce a deliverable; you being PMP Certified
- These are all characteristics of a project
- For this reason, you should create an INITIAL high level plan or schedule to support this project
- Acquire a PMP Exam Prep Plan here

3. Begin Preparation

- Become a member of PMI here
- Read the “PMP Handbook” from here
- Acquire a copy of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK) from here
- Acquire at least one of PMI's Recommended PMP Exam Reference Materials.  See the full list here

4. Create a Study Plan

- After receiving and reviewing PMBOK as well as you supporting exam prep materials, update your high-level plan with more a detailed study plan.  This is an example of Progressive Elaboration.
- - Acquire and or adjust the PMP Exam Prep Plan here

5. Study!

- Read PMBOK
- Read the supporting PMP Exam materials
- Memorize Terms and Definitions.  PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions 6th Edition 2017 online here.
- Study ITTO's and memorize Formulas.  Both can be acquired under the Standard option here
- Critical Path and Earned Value is critical!  Check out this video
- Memorization is Important, but Understanding is Paramount.

6. Practice Questions

- Complete as many practice questions as you can find.  Thousands of FREE Practice Questions here
- Suggestion is to take a pre-test prior to each PMBOK chapter to set a baseline of your knowledge
- Study that PMBOK chapter
- Take a post test.  Take your time and think about the questions and draw from your understanding
- Review questions that you missed to understand why

7. Consider a Training Course

- This can be used as part of your 35 hours of Education needed for the PMP Application
- These are quite frequently referenced as Workshops
- These are generally fast paced and should be viewed as a way to supplement your personal studies
- There are a ton out there!!  Here is one.

8. Network

- Talk to others
- Join your local PMI Chapter
- Join online discussion groups
- Find a mentor.  You might try this guy

9. Take full practice test

- These are often referred to as Exam Simulators
- Practice with 200 questions
- This will help you in time management for the real exam
- Use results and go study the knowledge areas where you fell short
- Try the full practice test multiple times
- Goal is to consistently hit 85%
- Find some exam simulators from here

10. REST!

- Build into your schedule one day of rest before your exam day
- Studying on this last day can cause un-needed anxiety
- Have all your items needed ready prior to exam day
- Get a full 8 hours of sleep

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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PMP: The PMP Application Process
PMConnection Articles

This article provides an overview of the latest PMP Exam application process.

Step 1: Confirm You’re Eligible
  • A four-year degree
  • 36 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification
  • A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
  • 60 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® Certification

Step 2: Gather Your info

Document your experience and training by gathering information about:
  • Projects you’ve led
- Where you've worked
- Your role and responsibilities
- Duration of projects
  • Training You’ve Completed
- Institutions attended
- Courses completed
- Qualifying hours

Step 3: Complete the Online Application
  • You’ll need a pmi.org account to begin

Application Checklist:
  • Ensure project entries represent professional project work experience only
  • List all projects individually
  • Use the true title of the project or basic descriptor of the project purpose
  • Ensure project descriptions are high level summaries of the project in total
  • Accurately indicate the number of team members who participated in the project and the budget for the project
  • If you are selected for the audit process, ensure you are able to obtain proper verification for the project experience

Project Description Guidance:
  • Project Objective
  • My Role
  • My Responsibilities
  • My Activities
  • Project Deliverables
  • Project Outcome

Each project description should be between 200-500 words long

Step 4: Your application will be reviewed
Step 5: Pay Exam Fee
  • Member Price: US$405
  • Non-Member Price: US$555
Step 6: Schedule your exam
  • See "How to Schedule Your PMP Exam" here.

Step 7: Pass the test!

Other useful information:
  • Is there still value in obtaining the PMP certification?  Answer here and then see the results from you peers.
  • Get a PMP Exam Prep Plan here.
  • Find the PMBOK® Glossary Terms and Definitions 6th Edition 2017 online here.
  • Get thousands of FREE PMP Exam Prep questions here.
  • PMP Exam Day Tips here.
  • Top 10 PMP Exam Prep Tips here

Note: You may find this book helpful:

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Intelligent Automati: What got us here....will not get us there!
PMConnection Articles

Solving a problem involves implementing a solution. I have always said that a solution incorporates People, Process and Technology. In my 30 year Project Management career, according to experts tracking the stats, I have witnessed incremental improvements in project success rates. I sincerely believe that having, understanding and implementing standardized and proven processes has helped. Thanks PMI and PRINCE2! I also believe that in the recent past agile principles, processes and techniques have added to our improved success. Thanks Scrum.org, Scaled Agile, ICAgile and others. However, what got us here....will not get us there! It's time for a paradigm shift. We can't just keep chasing the latest incremental improvements in the process. We need to leap.

We need to think completely differently. We need to stop looking to the process and focus on technology. Technology is poised to disrupt the project management profession. If you don't believe me, simply ask your favorite assistant (Alexa, Bixby, Cortana or Google Assistant).

If you DO believe me...then join me. Help me create the future of project management. Let's be the ones to drive change instead of being disrupted by it. Let's figure out how to leverage things like Virtual Team Solutions (Teams, Slack, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc.), RPA, NLP, ML and AI to not only reduce our administrative workload, but enable a means that virually guarantees project success!

Republished with permission from Rich Weller MBA, PMP, Agile Certified, Project Certified 

You may find this helpful:

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Program and PMO: Top 5 of 2019
PMConnection Articles

Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2019. 

If you missed any previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!


Project Management    

1.       Building Great Teams

2.       What to Expect When You're a New Project Manager

3.       The End of Agile

4.       Benefits of Project Management Software - What Project Managers really use it for?

5.       Resource Leveling: How Can You Use it in Project Management?


Microsoft Teams             

1.       How to use Microsoft Teams - Video

2.       10 of the latest Microsoft Teams integrations to help you work smarter, not harder

3.       10 productivity-boosting apps for Microsoft Teams

4.       How To Use Power BI And Teams Together

5.       Admin training for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Planner          

1.       How to Use Planner with Microsoft Teams - video

2.       Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

3.       Export Planner Tasks to Excel in Two Clicks

4.       Automatically Create Planner Tasks from MS Project Schedule ~ Video

5.       Create Tasks in Microsoft Planner using Google Home - video


Project For The Web     

1.       Project for the web for product launchers - video

2.       Integrate Project for the Web with Microsoft Teams

3.       The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide

4.       Project For The Web vs Microsoft Project vs Planner vs Project Online

5.       Introducing the New Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project            

1.       How to Install Microsoft Project from your O365 Subscription

2.       Creating a program schedule - Video

3.       Share Reports Using the Microsoft Project Organizer - Video

4.       Creating a Ribbon Tab in MS Project

5.       View your project in a task board - agile



1.       PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Knowledge Areas for Project Management - Process Groups and Processes

2.       1000 FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions

3.       1036 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

4.       Process to Process Group Game

5a.     Scheduling Approaches Video

5b.     Understanding Earned Value Management - Video


Program Management and PMO             

1.       Managing agile and waterfall together

2.       What is Robotic Process Automation?

3.       Business Agility: How can Project Management Practice and the PMO Adapt to Uncertain Times

4.       Three Project Management Interview Questions You Need to Ask

5.       What is a PMO?



1.       Inspect & Adapt: The Retrospective and Problem Solving Workshop Overview Video

2.       Lean Enterprise Assessment Template

3.       What Business Owners Need to Know About Scaled Agile Frameworks

4.       Accelerating Business Value with SAFe and Technology Business Management - White Paper

5.       Why is SAFe Certification so Important? - Video


Project Online or Project Server               

1.       Microsoft has a plan to clean up its overlapping project-management services

2.       Modern Work Management with Project Online - video

3.       Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Online - Video

4.       What Is An Enterprise Project Type? - Project Online / Project Server Config - video

5.       Multiple Project Roadmap Articles


Portfolio Management

1.       Project Prioritization: The Ultimate Guide

2.       The future of (Microsoft) Project and Portfolio Management

3.       A FREE One Page Overview of Successful Project Portfolio Management

4.       Introduction To Portfolio Management: A PPM Maturity Model

5.       5 Steps to an Agile Business Plan


Innovation Management            

1.       Six Principles For Creating A Good Corporate Innovation Process

2.       4 Ways to Beat Innovation Management Anxiety

3.       Getting Started with Innovation Management

4.       A Perspective on the Art of Innovation


Intelligent Automation

1.       AI in Project Management

2.       Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management

3.       What is intelligent automation?

4.       Tips for Working with Your Data

5.       What is RPA - Robotic Process Automation


Great Websites

1.       PMaspire Singapore PTE Ltd.

2.       PMP Preparation Online Course

3.       OpenPM.org

4.       Ten Six Blog

5.       MS Project Podcast


Note: You may find this helpful:

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PMP: Hey Google....Talk to PMP FAQ
PMConnection Articles Got questions about PMI's PMP Exam?  Ask Google Assistant!

If you have Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini or Google Hub) simply say "Talk to PMP FAQ".

Google will connect to the PMP FAQ database and ask how to help.

Now simply ask a question like; "How many questions are on the exam?", "What is the cost of the exam?", or "Where do I sign up to take the exam?"

Google will then comb through its database to find the answer.

For the best experience, it is recommended that you work with the Google Assistant App on your phone or Google Hub so that you can read the answer as well as hear the words.

If you are preparing for the PMP Exam, you can have Google Assistant ask YOU questions.  See Hey Google....Talk to PMP Exam Prep

Note: You may find this helpful:

Posted by webadmin on Saturday, December 21 @ 07:04:53 EST (1491 reads)
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PMP: PMI's Recommended PMP Exam Reference Materials
PMConnection Articles

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recommends the following items to help you prepare for their Project Management Professional (PMP) exam.

"Exam candidates should be aware that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® examination is not written according to any single text or singularly supported by any particular reference. PMI does not endorse specific review courses, resources, references or other materials for certification preparation. The references listed here are not inclusive of all resources that may be utilized and should not be interpreted as a guaranteed means of passing the exam. As the PMP is a competency-based certification which assesses the integrated set of knowledge, skills and abilities as gained from both practical and learned experiences, it should also be noted that the references identified herewith are but one element of a broader set of educational resources and texts that might possibly be utilized for exam and study preparation. This reference list is provided as a courtesy only and for the non-PMI publications on this list, PMI does not endorse such publication or warrant the accuracy of the information or opinions contained therein."  See their article here.

Find other PMP Exam Prep Tips from here
Find 1,000's of FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions from here

Note: You may also find this book helpful:

Posted by webadmin on Saturday, November 30 @ 15:07:06 EST (1916 reads)
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